Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Past Week...

This past week I had decided to try to divide my time a bit, by updating and applying to a lengthy list of graphic design studios in the city. Before doing so I needed to really update my GD portfolio a bit. Nothing major, just a few new projects and an updated intro page to my website. Since I had nothing major illustration wise to post from all the work this week, I figured I would go ahead and post these. All three are paintings some of you may remember, they were all school assignments that were intended as use for book covers. Although I know that It isn't my job to add type as an illustrator when working on these sorts of projects in the real world, it doesn't hurt to throw some on and drop these bad boys into my GD portfolio. I still have more GD stuff I want to work add to the book, but after a week of cranking stuff out I'm gonna chill out and sketch over the weekend.


  1. The Black Beard one looks like a completely different piece now!

  2. WOW. these are great! seriously. i'm hoping to add product design to make my portfolio more graphic design oriented. one of these days ill actually get to work on it.

  3. Those all look really great! Also dig the new header

  4. whoa thanks for the linking, I shall link you in return!
    (tho you have cool pics for you links!)
    love the 'collecting the fallen' book cover
    it has such mood and drama.
    also congrats on your 'discover a muse' piece makin the top 43!
    very cool indeed