Monday, November 29, 2010

Discover A Muse Hits the Shelf!

That's right guys, the wait is over. Discover A Muse is officially published and on sale. I added a link to the site bellow on the sidebar. So click on over and take a look for yourself. I'm a bit broke at the moment, so maybe i'll ask for it for Christmas haha. May sound sad, but that's my plan... I mean, it IS for a good cause, so lets not forget about that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Commercial Gig!

This is my first Published Illustration job that paid! Although I have been fortunate enough to do well with recent charity events such as "Discover A Muse" and the 2010 "TaTa Gala", This has been the first PAYING gig I have gotten published. So if you really love me drop by a Hot Topic this Christmas and pick up a Copy of Wonderland by Sea Of Treachery! Also the Discover A Muse book will be out and on sale soon, so go pitch in and support the cause!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ambush: Final

It is finished! Finally! I really drug that one out big time... and yes some of you may have noticed that a party member is missing. So what, It's my painting, I can do what I want. And that character was just rubbing me the wrong way the whole time I worked on it. So out she went. Just in time for Illuxcon 2010. Which I am driving to in the morning. 5hrs! by myself...It's gonna feel like days I'm sure.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ready For The TA TA GALA

Well, after sending it off to be printed on canvas, stretching the print onto a frame than staining the slats and nailing them to the sides of the canvas, I am ready to express ship this sucker to the gallery opening later this week. Talk about a rush job, but the printing of the piece took longer then I was expecting. I would so do it again though. I am really happy with the results. Makes me feel more like a real artist to have it on canvas in my hands that size. Very exciting.