Thursday, October 29, 2009

That Crazy Van Buren...

This is a little character study for a Presidential porterait I have been given as one of my new projects. The goal with this is just to secure a strong likness of which ever President I decided to do. After choosing Van Buren, I figured a sketch to try to capture his "look" would be the best place to start.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Things Here and There

These are just a couple of things that I have been working on for classes. The pie was a painting technique exercise and the second was an in class assignment we had a list of words to combine and about 2.5 hours to do it in.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ode To Bernie Fuchs

This was a "mini" assignment from C.F. Payne's class as a study of Bernie Fuchs technique. All I had to do was take a segment of one of his earlier pieces (right) and copy it as best I can (left) I used acrylics and guache, so it isn't quite his way of working... But I was still happy with how it turned out. It's due tomorrow, along with everything else under the sun. Thursday's are stress monsters.

The Final Dentist + Sketch-a-Day 9 and 10

The page layout had to have hand drawn type in it so the headline on that was all drawn and inked by hand.
Coming up probably this weekend will be a watercolor dump. I have been in a Watercolor Studio class all semester and have yet to post anything. Not all of it is good enough to make it up but I have a few favorites that I'll share.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Historical Cover Ideas...

My money is on the bottom Rasputin cover I think. It's a bit dark showing him drowning...BUT when nothing else will work. I am really feeling like the type is still kinda weak on all of them. Tweaking is a must, but I feel like they are going in a strong direction.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Well now that I am finally like, 80-100 somethin days behind everyone else, I think I'm gonna go ahead and commit to a sketch-a-day. Counting just the posts on this front page I'm gonna say I'm on day 7. Hey! week one down, I'm off to a good start. Haha. Keep an eye out.

Concepts and Sketches

Have you ever eaten calamari? Well what if the tables turned...That wasn't really the thought behind this first idea, but i guess you could take it there. I got a few planks of wood and have been trying to think of something good to put on them. Finally I decided to do a collection of things similar to this one here. I'll post them when I finish them.