Thursday, November 5, 2009

That Crazy Van Buren: Follow Up

The Final composition for the Presidential portrait for Payne's class. It's gonna be fairly limited pallet so I figured I would go ahead and post the rough with out color.

The icons at the bottom of the frame symbolize different things about Van Buren's life. The first is a windmill to show what I believe to be the embodiment of Holland (where his parents where from), the second is my homemade icon for his time in office, and the third icon is a new democratic emblem to represent his party. In case you were wondering...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love Potion No.9: Updated

Ok, this isn't an official sketch, though I will say I got a bit carried away with this one and worked on it longer then I should have. The project is to design an illustration to capture the words of a song released in the 1960's (that is the love potion spilling out behind him). We also have to have an influence in mind when working on the piece. Can you guess who mine is? No guessing if you know already. That's cheating...

I still need to find another song to do roughs for by this Thursday. Tomorrow will be a late night.