Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gladiator Glory:

After that black and white Gladiator character i did for the mailer last week, I thought it would be really fun to actually push the idea and really get something large and full color out of it. I'll be getting started on this over spring break, but for now it's just the thumbnails.

Web Portfolio Update:

After trying to figure out how to update the website that i built while in a class, I realized that I would never update the work because of how much work it was. So after really thinking about it, I decided to switch to a website called It's a hosting site with templates you can alter and it has made the maintenance of the site piratically effortless. Take a peak! it's attached the website link on the side bar.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who wants a Promo Mailer !?

If your seriously interested, then fair warning, these are not yet in production. But if you leave me a message ill be sure to get one to you. This first color one is the replacement color idea for my failed "color postcard" attempt. The lower card is the final B&W postcard design. The back was a simple and clean enough layout that I figured it wasn't really necessary to post it. This one will most likely not make it to production at all... Next stop, online portfolio redesign! I'm pretty sure my to-do list is growing not shrinking...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Battle Royal!

Alright guys, here is the finish on my most recent assignment for Payne's class. Over all I'm pretty happy with it, but I am gonna try to get things more dynamic... I'm thinking Gladiators...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Vampire Just Passing Through Town

It's not to often that you catch a vampire traveler in it's natural habitat... feeding on...well some random girl he happened to come across. Unfortunate? maybe, but that is the food chain.

"...And I'm a PC..."

It is official I guess, I have finally made a full and complete switch to Windows 7 from Snow Leopard. After getting back from my vacation to NY over winter break, I went to turn on my computer...and nothing happened. My iMac, after three and a half years died. The hard drive had decided that life wasn't worth living and decided to throw in the towel. Once this had happened I decided what the hell, lets replace it with a computer I could afford to fix if it something like this happens again. So far I really like it, but mostly because its so much like snow Leopard. That and I scored this amazing hand-me-down 30" monitor. Love it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shamless Self Promotion!

Well, It's been longer then I would like since i posted last, but hang tight! More is coming your way. These are some concept designs for some Self Promotional postcards for my big dramatic send off as soon as possible. This first card will be in color and the second one will be finished in black and white. The back of each card will just be finished off with a simple black and white graphic treatment with my current branding. Stay tuned for more finished work posted and the follow up on the postcards.

Also, These are fairly nailed down mock-ups but suggested tweaks for better compositions for each of the 6 sections are always welcome. Thanks.