Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ambush: Final

It is finished! Finally! I really drug that one out big time... and yes some of you may have noticed that a party member is missing. So what, It's my painting, I can do what I want. And that character was just rubbing me the wrong way the whole time I worked on it. So out she went. Just in time for Illuxcon 2010. Which I am driving to in the morning. 5hrs! by myself...It's gonna feel like days I'm sure.


  1. You didn't run any of this character removal past me!
    I'm amazed what a huge difference the little firefly/pixie/glowing lights on the left side make. Really moves the eyes around. I'd pat you on the back if it weren't such a huge waste of gas money.

  2. You're getting so good with light sources! I'm ridiculously proud. When I start seeing your stuff on cards and Dnd books I'm gonna pee myself, I swear. :) You just keep getting better with each piece.