Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ready For The TA TA GALA

Well, after sending it off to be printed on canvas, stretching the print onto a frame than staining the slats and nailing them to the sides of the canvas, I am ready to express ship this sucker to the gallery opening later this week. Talk about a rush job, but the printing of the piece took longer then I was expecting. I would so do it again though. I am really happy with the results. Makes me feel more like a real artist to have it on canvas in my hands that size. Very exciting.


  1. very you mind me asking if it was very expensive to get it printed on canvas? i'm very interested in doing that in the near future with some of my things. where did you get it printed? but as always, keep up the awesome work <3

  2. It wasn't to bad. It cost 30ish, this one is 18x24 though. I got it done and You can also have them stretch it for you, but of course it costs more.