Thursday, September 23, 2010

Package Design: Savanna Pale Ale

For the past few weeks I have been trying to really invest myself more into the updating of my graphic design portfolio. And for the most part doing so has been a lot of fun. I just finished this as well as a few t-shirt designs and a few other things that are now officially added to my portfolio. Not to mention the list of more things I plan on adding in the coming weeks. This sort of work tends to go quite a bit faster for me then illustration so even though I have sketches for a new piece or two, I am choosing to wait until after I have added all the things I have already planned for. I should get around to cleaning up some rough sketches for those new pieces though.

So illustration aside, what do you think of the Savanna branding/packaging? I kinda love the whole pakaderm family so I like to through them in when I can haha.


  1. Good work! I did a beer label project in Groff's class with the bottle and everything. It's a fun thing to do.