Thursday, September 2, 2010

Armored Adventurer: UPDATE 2

So far so good. You may have noticed this one is a tad different haha. I had flipped it while I was working, as is usually a good idea once you reach a certain point, and now I'm thinking it's a stronger composition with him facing this direction. I am still thinking I may try to make its armor a bit more interesting as I continue to flesh things out, but there is always that classic fantasy feeling with that more historic feeling armor.


  1. Coming along nicely bro, your sense of form is getting way better and I love the rim lighting on the shield. I do think the shield is placed awkwardly though, I think you need to move it over to the right. It might cover up some of your details but in my opinion it will look more accurate.

  2. I had been considering that actually. So with that being two votes for yes. I gonna go ahead and do it. lol I also have been sketching a lions head relief design for the front of the shield that I am thinking about adding to it. Nothing really flashy but could look nice. we shall see.