Monday, February 1, 2010

What's Been Up?

Well, incase anyone has been curious what I have been up to in my leave of absence, I have been bustin my A$$ gettin stuff goin this semester. After going over everything over break and really assessing what will need to be done in these next few months, I decided that I need more of the kind of illustration that I love to collect. For some reason I have managed to go this long and still not really have anything sci-fi/fantasy related in my portfolio. a new personal goal to myself, I have a goal of 5 Genre illustrations for my senior portfolio in hopes of snaggin up some sweet freelance work. This is piece number two. Ill be posting follow ups on this new one plus a few other things i have goin. School may very well kill me this semester...


  1. this is looking down-right nifty, alex. I was not expecting it to be so colorful but it totally works.

  2. hey this is looking killer, i would find a way to suggest more dragons somehow