Sunday, August 10, 2008

Repost: The Venture Bros. Final

Here is the final poster for my apartment. Here is the final with some detail shots. Let me know what you guys think.


  1. I'm a freak for the Veture Brothers. I watch that shit like a retard watches bubbles.

    But is this already a layout they did? The Dr. Venture looks familiar. Overall, great stuff. If it's your concept, you should send it to Jackson Publick. See what he says...
    Be sweet if you got an internship.

  2. ha yeah it would! yeah its a concept of my own i used a pose the shot of venture from behind once. but not from this angle or lighting. the rest are totally mine. i plan on getting a poster print made and mailing it to astro base go to see what they say. lol thanks though.