Sunday, August 24, 2008

Speed Painting Practice

As a goal for this year i have decided to work on the digital paint and concepting side of things when I am in between things. It's a part of illustration i have been avoiding just because it's more challenging for me and that right there is pretty sad. SO this is my first step towards a new me. Any comments welcome.


  1. If this is a first, you're off to a great start. Good light, nice design. Is it real? Did you use ref?
    Did school start yet?

  2. Nope it's not real and yes I did use ref. I've got another in the works right now should be a far better improvement from this thing. you should see the post i did on Oondu, they cut me apart! but in a good way. haha.

    Yeah school has started. The heat of being McGinns replacement will soon be upon me...*sigh* I may cry out for help keep your eyes peeled.

  3. There's no shame in crying.
    You've got the stuff, man. Just stick at it and don't put anything off.