Sunday, May 23, 2010

Discover a Muse

Alright. Here it is. My submission for the Discover A Muse challenge over at ArtOrder. I'm pretty positive this thing is finished. But when you have more time you usually find little things to tweak before you have to turn it in for good. We shall see haha, it's not due till June 1st.

In the end I decided to do a picture of an Elf Warlock. The Picture I used is from Veronika's portfolio site HERE called from a set shot by Huit Photography. Veronika as a muse is all part of the challenge, so everyone got the opportunity to work from her modeling portfolio as reference.


  1. Alex! That is fantastic! Very good drawing on this one. Im so glad looked at this today I totally forgot that was due soon

  2. Thanks! Yeah I still have a thing or two I wanna tweak and I don't get back to Columbus till Monday night. It will be close. lol