Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Couple New Ideas

Can you say works in progress?! This first one here was a traditional piece that has rather quickly transformed into something totally new. I decided to take a few ques from that amazing artist Gregory Manchess and see how it goes. It isn't even close to being done, that's only like an hour or so of painting in photoshop over the original so I still have a good amount of work to do.
The second one is the beginnings of a fun little fantasy piece of a Forest Giant (kinda my own idea of one atleast) I started sketching it out last night. This is more or less a color study/starting point, so this is subject to a bit of change. I've been making a list of book companies that I would leap to get a chance to work for and TOR books is at the top of the list. Upon realizing this I took a look through my portfolio and came to teh sad realization that my portfolio may not be heading in the right direction for them to pay any attention to I am setting it as a new goal to try to meet Irene Gallo in person and by then have more pieces that are what she may be looking for in the way of good solid book cover art/design. I guess it's just nieve to think im gonna get anywhere till then. Comments? suggestions? Let me know!


  1. I really dig your sketchwork!
    I haven't touched traditional paints in yonkers, I'm sure those traditional vibes will flow into your digital!

  2. Alex I like where the void is going. I like the black space but I don't like the pure black on the space man, seems a little transparent. Also I think you are using too much white. I would save the white for the focal point of the piece and the stars. Maybe you could try some really vibrant color on the figures I'm seeing some light greens and purples. I just think that because you have a lot of black you could use any color and it would appear white. I like the tree guy nice sense of scale and depth in that sketch. I think you should definitely meet with anyone you can! Even if your style isn't what someone is looking for you might still get them to notice you and have an amazing work ethic.