Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Branding: Here to Stay?

Well I think I may have something here that I enjoy enough to actually get something printed on a business card. I have been messing with this thing for a few months and I have yet to be this happy with the others...So i think that is a good sign. I guess it could still change but for now I like it. Let me know opinions if anyone has something to say on the matter.


  1. I really like how this looks, so much in fact, I've had it tattooed somewhere on my body...

  2. I really like the lettering LYON The overlapping colors are a good idea. I am thinking you should try some different colors, something less conventional, maybe 4 reds or blues. I think it might stand out more of you used analogous hues.

  3. i cant stop staring at that lion (or lyon) head. Seriously. I've been looking at it for about two full minutes and i cant stop. It's hypnotic.

    The coloring is really fun. So fun that you may actually have to become more fun just to keep up with it. Go out and buy a hot air balloon. Dont let the type win!