Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Washington's True Colors...

I like to think that this is something that Washington would have given Martha as a gift. But in actuality this is something I did for Humorous Illustration. It's a play on the Vanity Fair photo shoot with Miley Cyrus. Look it up, it makes it better. haha.

This is acrylic and color pencil, with just a touch of digital to pump up the contrast for that "rustic" look.


  1. You're wacky, sir. Plain wacky.
    Good stuff. But you really shouldn't rely on the colored pencil so much. I used to do it and I dread looking at my older pieces because of it.
    Are you in Payne's yet?

  2. Nope haha. But it's alright I'll get in there some time. I am determined.