Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chuck's Barber Shop

Here it is! The first finished summer project. I have two more planned the next is just a charcoal picture of The Beatles album "Abby Road" for my uncle. that will be followed by a piece I am doing just to hang in my apartment of the characters from The Venture Bros. One of my all time favorite shows. Its been in the planning stages for a few weeks now and I'm just waiting till the one for my uncle is out of the way to unleash.

This finished piece in this post, by the way, is Acrylic and Color Pencil. Over all i feel it is pretty successful, though I feel that I got to antsy near the end. It took far to long to get this done, only working on it after work once or twice a week drove me crazy. I really need to buckle down.

Let me know what you all think. I'm always open to a good Crit and in need I think for tips for the future to be aware of. Training myself to look for little things. I have caught a few already, haha.


  1. This really came off good! I was curious to see how this whole thing was going to go down. That wood texture back there is what separates me and you haha. I couldn't go through all that detail. Rendering on the robot is looking pretty tight, heck, technique over all is looking flawless. Pretty fun piece.

    Took me awhile to finally read the cuts menu and see why the heck a robot is sitting in there haha.

    I'm not sure if the reflection would look that way, but it is a nice way to fill up that space back there. Crooked frame, needs straightened.... if I was that barber... that frame would be straight.

  2. This really came OUT good. Wish I could edit. Bah.

  3. You have some really harsh details going on with color. I think maybe the wood grain could be more subtle. I also think you need to work on wrinkles in clothing. It's always crisp to soft. Two sides should never look the same.
    That being said, the value is fantastic. I feel depth in the room. The daylight feels real. I really think you're coming along man. Keep on trucking!!