Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Post:

Lyon Illustration

My name is Alex Lyon. I am currently training to be a professional illustrator at Columbus College of Art and Design. All the pieces that will be posted are Current work to the date labeled. In other words I post them as I do them. Enjoy! any comments are welcome.



  1. Put the writing for this first post as your blog description...

  2. Woo! I've seen most of this, but... the first one is new to me. I really like!

  3. The magician one is looking pretty sweet, man.
    Good work.
    I did the trees, too.
    Are those "in progress"?

  4. no right now i am just posting things that are complete, later though now that this is up you'll start to see in progress posts as well as finished work. just need to stay on top of this thing. haha.

  5. Magician looks pretty tight man. The one hand is creeping me out a bit, but it reads great, and the colors are my favorite from you yet. I kind of get a vibe of the harry potter book artist too, could just be the technique though. Some tightened up drawing problems, and this is easily pro quality work.

  6. This is all really good
    I like the magician, he kind of looks familiar though...